TAP In with Tristan : "Tell Me About Yourself"

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Tristan talks about the dreaded interview question, "Tell me about yourself," on this episode of the TAP In with Tristan. This question, like most of the hiring process, is about building trust with the potential employer. Whether you're qualified or not, if you cannot adequately communicate your experience and track record, you can't build that trust with the employer, and they may likely move on to the next person. Listen to learn the formula Tristan suggests you consider if you need a little help figuring out how to answer the question. Have a topic suggestion? You can find our submission form here. http://bit.ly/tapintristan Check out Tristan's website to learn more about him or to book a free consultation. http://bit.ly/31HFzND Connect with Tristan on LinkedIn, IG, FB, and Twitter. http://bit.ly/2G7d6HK http://bit.ly/2XDcp3z http://bit.ly/2JEbg1R http://bit.ly/2JCmKTz

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