See It to Be It : Virtual Assistant (w/ Tonya Thomas)

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Amy C. Waninger welcomes virtual executive assistant Tonya Thomas, the founder and CEO of Team Delegate, LLC, to the show this week. Having spent over 17 years in the virtual assistant space, her extensive knowledge and experience makes her a pioneer in the industry. Listen to learn about what inspired her to take the career path she did, the advantages to hiring a virtual assistant, and more. You can connect with Tonya on LinkedIn and Twitter. https://bit.ly/2UTxzdi https://bit.ly/3dvnBFl Check out the Team Delegate website. https://bit.ly/3h5rAKS Interested in supporting Living Corporate? Check out our Support page. https://bit.ly/3egO3Dk Check out Lead at Any Level. http://bit.ly/2lPvOMM

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