Ep. 268: Making Sense of Crypto-Degeneracy

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One of the most unescapable topics of the past two years is Bitcoin and the hypergrowth of cryptocurrency valuations. Teen -- a crypto-skeptic who believes this is nothing more than digital tulipmania -- talks with Mike and Steve, two crypto-degenerates who spend an irresponsible amount of time in the Plan A Discord talking about crypto. We try to get to the bottom of why crypto seems to be taking over our goddamn lives. Join us on Patreon: www.patreon.com/planamag CHECK OUT OUR LIVESTREAMS ON YOUTUBE (and subscribe!): www.youtube.com/channel/UCv1W1syiwY053urp-IH-OjQ Twitter: Teen (@mont_jiang) SUBMISSIONS & COMMENTS: editor.planamag@gmail.com EFPA Opening Theme: "Fuck Out My Face" by Ayekay (open.spotify.com/artist/16zQKaDN5XgHAhfOJHTigJ)

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