Ep. 265 [UNLOCKED BONUS]: Fighting for NYC’s Working-Class Asian Americans

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In the interest of getting the word out on this important fight, we are instantly unlocking this bonus episode. Violence against Asian women wages on beyond the streets of New York, and into the workplace. Filip invites guests Sarah from the Flushing Workers Center, and Zishun from the Chinese Staff and Workers Association to talk about the 24-hour workday fight against the Chinese American Planning Committee, a non-profit that puts its home attendant workers through gruelling hours and conditions while withholding pay. Sarah and Zishun give listeners a first-hand example of upper-class Asians pitted against working-class Asian interests: how identity politics are weaponized, how funding is co-opted using Asian faces to harm Asians, and how NYC mayoral candidates seem to serve their constituents worse the more they buy in as political insiders. Join us on Patreon: www.patreon.com/planamag CHECK OUT OUR LIVESTREAMS ON YOUTUBE (and subscribe!):
www.youtube.com/channel/UCv1W1syiwY053urp-IH-OjQ RESOURCES: Details on the June 2nd protest: https://twitter.com/FlushingWorkers/status/1397212966630666241 Sign the Pledge to Boycott CPC: tinyurl.com/boycottcpc Flushing Workers’ Centre: twitter.com/flushingworkers | facebook.com/flushingworkerscenter Chinese Staff and Workers’ Association: cswa.org Ain’t I A Woman!?: twitter.com/aiwcampaign | instagram.com/aiwcampaign Youth Against Sweatshops: twitter.com/youthasnyc | instagram.com/youthasnyc TWITTER:
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