Ep. 259: Boba Liberalism, Properly Defined

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Chris and Teen try to define boba liberalism since it means different things to different Asian Americans. Is it a media-obsessed EDM-loving Kevin Nguyen? Is it a social justicey Asian American activist/academic/writer who kind of disdains most Asian Americans? Is it both because the term is highly contextual? Along the way, they also discuss the Chinese armageddon rocket, alleged Chinese honeypots, and bid good riddance to office culture. Join us on Patreon: www.patreon.com/planamag CHECK OUT OUR LIVESTREAMS ON YOUTUBE (and subscribe!): www.youtube.com/channel/UCv1W1syiwY053urp-IH-OjQ Twitter: Chris (@JesuInToast) Teen (@mont_jiang) REFERENCED RESOURCES: Tom Clancy’s The Bear and the Dragon – A Review, Or On The Horniness of White Americans (For Chinese Babes and Justified Wars): https://lateralthinkingtechnology.wordpress.com/2020/07/27/the-bear-and-the-dragon-a-review-or-on-the-horniness-of-white-americans-for-chinese-babes-and-justified-wars/ Insider's article on boba liberalism: https://www.insider.com/boba-liberalism-critique-on-a-shallow-political-identity-amid-crisis-2021-3 Karen Shibuya's article on boba liberalism: https://planamag.com/covid-19-and-the-end-of-boba-liberal-media/ SUBMISSIONS & COMMENTS: editor.planamag@gmail.com EFPA Opening Theme: "Fuck Out My Face" by Ayekay (open.spotify.com/artist/16zQKaDN5XgHAhfOJHTigJ)

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