Ep. 257: Sanity Check 2021 (ft. Amanda and Gina)

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Jess hosts this very special episode featuring two recurring guests Amanda and Gina, two veterans of social media, to talk about the balance between being socially responsible in a frightening and anxious time vs preserving mental health, China as geopolitical and social football, and the very real stress and isolation that comes from peeks beyond the narrative matrix. The question that remains is do people in general, and Asian Americans specifically, even have a choice anymore to engage with politics head on or not? We argue that self preservationist denialism is a dangerous dead end, and while the costs of going against the narrative are real they also yield real returns. Join us on Patreon: www.patreon.com/planamag CHECK OUT OUR LIVESTREAMS ON YOUTUBE (and subscribe!): www.youtube.com/channel/UCv1W1syiwY053urp-IH-OjQ Previous episode with Amanda: Ep #152: Blaming Coronavirus on Confucius https://soundcloud.com/plan-a-magazine/ep-152-blaming-coronavirus-on-confucius-ft-amanda-catcontentonly Previous episode with Gina: Ep #198: Rooftop Koreans are Not Your Daddy https://soundcloud.com/plan-a-magazine/ep-198-rooftop-koreans-are-not-your-daddy-ft-pix TWITTER: Gina (@dotorii_muk) Amanda (@catcontentonly) Jess(@cogitatotomato) SUBMISSIONS & COMMENTS: editor.planamag@gmail.com EFPA Opening Theme: "Fuck Out My Face" by Ayekay (open.spotify.com/artist/16zQKaDN5XgHAhfOJHTigJ)

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