Each of us operates within a media ecosystem dominated by the values and desires of a small subset of the global population. Our collective focus on Western cultures quietly teaches the rest of the world’s peoples to undervalue their own contributions to society.

What’s worse is that the promise of the internet to bring us deeper knowledge of and connection to each other remains woefully unfulfilled. The very tools we use to navigate the worldwide web are designed to keep us boxed into that which we already know.

I created Adduna, the Wolof word for “world” to help the internet achieve some of those lofty goals. Adduna makes it easy to find content from marginalized voices and far away lands; reversing the trend of burying quality content because it doesn’t suit “mainstream” tastes. It puts all of us on a more even playing field so we can meet one another as equals.

The world is bigger and more exciting than any one viewpoint could ever reveal to you. I hope Adduna will help you explore it.

Got a Question? Reach out at hello@adduna.co