Spotlight: Cuba

Cubans have taken to the streets to protest their living conditions with political movements from the left and right hoping to shape narratives about their grievences. Let's try to get closer to the truth by taking a deeper dive into contemporary Cuban culture.

What's Really Guiding Biden's Cuba Policy

The Biden administration says its Cuba policy is governed by concerns for democracy and human rights, but it does not apply the same standard to allies such as Israel, Colombia and Saudi Arabia.

The War on Cuba — Episode 1

Belly of The Beast counters parachute journalism by providing stories directly from the island. This documentary series gives an inside look on the effects of U.S. sanctions on Cuban people.

Gerald Horne and Aisha Cort on Black Internationalism, Communism and Cuban History

Belly of The Beast presents the first part of the "Lessons from Cuba" speaker series – re-energizing the political relationship between Cuba and the U.S.

Spotlight: Women and Girls

The withdrawal from Afghanistan has reignited feelings of distrust towards Muslims originally sown by America’s decades-long “War on Terror”. That story usually starts with concerns about the uniquely oppressed women and girls that need saving. It’s a narrative that strips them of their power and agency and assumes Muslim women aren’t already working to improve their circumstances according to their own values.

Is the Taliban’s treatment of women really inspired by Sharia?

And what does the current debate on the Taliban and women’s rights tell us about Western (mis)perceptions of Muslims?

The Afghanistan you don’t see on TV

A selection of Afghan films including Afghan Women, which shares the words of the women and their lives in seclusion suggest both the satisfying and the limiting aspects of a woman's role in a rural Afghan community. 

Musawah Webinar: The Prophet and Khadija: Partners in Marriage

Dr. Ababneh and Dr. Rahemtulla question hegemonic narratives on “ideal” Muslim marriages and show how Khadija and Muhammad built a harmonious, non-patriarchal relationship based on mutual support, care and respect.

Why feminist solidarity with Afghanistan is about more than women and girls

Afghan women and girls are undoubtedly imperilled by the Taliban takeover. But hyperfocus on their vulnerability risks repeating mistakes of the past.

Your Mahr, Your Right // Season 3 Episode 3 | Honest Tea Talk

Three Muslim women gather to discuss marriage and women's religious rights with a keen eye towards equity and fairness.